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How is electricity distributed and transmitted?

Today, we enjoy having electricity from watching television, using appliances, charging our mobile phones, browsing the internet, and many other tasks. When a community has electricity, it brings economic growth and prosperity. 

An article shows that there are about 3.9 Kilowatt-Hours of electricity consumed last 2019 in the US. Though in 2020, because of the pandemic, electricity consumption and demand were lower. But do you wonder how electricity is distributed to your homes?


Monroe Power Plant

Electricity starts on power generation thru different power plants. It’s generated thru a large rotor motor moved by natural resources such as fossil fuel, steam, or natural gas. Now, you can see renewable power using sunlight, wind, hydro, and biomass. These are the typical power plants that generated power in your homes.

  • Coal Powerplant
  • Steam Powerplant
  • Oil Powerplant
  • Wind Turbine Farm
  • Solar Farm

Powerplants have different technology and techniques to generate electricity, but their primary purpose is to generate electricity. Powerplant companies generated a large amount of power which was distributed into other transmission lines.

Transmission Lines

Transmission Lines

The power generated in power plants has a large amount of energy that can’t be distributed directly to your home because it might cause a safety hazard. Thus, the electricity in your home is distributed on the following:

  • Ste-up Transformer
  • Primary Transmission
  • Secondary Transmission

This process can generate electrical energy losses due to the distance from your homes to power plants. Thus, they use step-up transformers to power up the electrical loss due to line loss.

Distribution Lines

After the electricity is distributed to transmission lines, it will now pass thru distribution lines. This process is now an essential aspect of how your homes are lighted at night and enjoy the benefits of having power at your home. Electricity is transported from different phases such as:

  • Step Down Transformer
  • Primary Distribution Lines
  • Secondary Distribution Lines
  • Distribution Transformer

To avoid fire hazards and electrical fluctuations in your homes, electrical companies install step-down transformers. This transform converts the electricity coming from grid lines to 120 V to allow the appliance to work safely and properly.

Stateline USA has been part of maintaining and constructing distribution lines. They are the crew that helps electrical utility companies to achieve growth in their community by providing energy to your homes.

Though, you just click or press one button to turn on the power on your home. It takes a lot of phases and skilled workers to ensure that you have electricity in your home.


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