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Many of its team members are former City of Detroit Public Lighting Department employees who have worked on the system for many years. Hence, an institutional knowledge of the system is held by the majority of State Line employees. Team members are also highly skilled in overhead and underground distribution work, live line re-conductor work, pole transfers and replacements, street light repair, emergency storm work as well as service connects and disconnects. State Line’s employees are comprised of veteran lineman, splicers, and foremen who are passionate and dedicated to keeping the streetlights energized in the city of Detroit. 

State Line has paved the way and continues to be instrumental in illuminating Detroit. A common denominator exists for all of Stateline’s project and that is, high quality deliverables.

What We Do

Stateline’s complimentary blend of product offerings assists our clients to procure utility grade products such as wood poles, steel/aluminum poles, photo cells, wire, cable, insulators, transformer, arrestors, cut outs, switches, capacitors, oil circuit reclosure, LED roadway lighting, etc. for a seamless and efficient delivery of service.