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What is Utility Construction?

Do you see everyday construction works in your community? It’s an indication that your city is growing, and it’s a sign that there is economic development in your area, which creates more businesses and jobs. An essential factor for a city to be developed is to have an essential utility such as electricity, water, sewerage, and telecommunication.

Certain types of utility need a professional management team, specialist, engineers, and technicians. It’s estimated that the utility construction will grow in 2021 because of a 4% growth of economic outlook based on the World Bank’s latest report. All of the utilities are important to a growing community but here are common types of utility contractors:

Powerline Contractors

Utility Construction

These are engineering firms specializing in the distribution, construction, and maintenance of electrical utilities to light up and bring electricity to a community. Legitimate organizations train their crews to make sure their workmanship is compliant with National Electrical Code. The most common services they got are the following:

  • Electrical Utility Construction and Maintenance
  • Storm Restoration 
  • Manhole and Pole Inspection
  • Wirewatch for Wiredown
  • Pre-Flight
  • Street Lighting
  • Underground Construction

Water and Sewerage Contractors

Water and Sewerage Contractors

These are companies responsible for designing, constructing, and distributing clean water in residential or commercial establishments. They are responsible for ensuring the water pipelines and sewerage are in reasonable condition before construction and after construction. Usually, water and sewerage contractors have different specialization, but here are the standard services:

  • Trenchless Water and Sewer
  • Excavation and Trenching
  • Hydrovac
  • Drain Cleaning and Excavation
  • Manhole and Culver Rehabilitation

Telecommunication Infrastructure Contractors

Telecommunication Infrastructure Contractors

They are service providers who specialize in telecommunication infrastructure, making it possible to communicate wired or wirelessly with other people. Based on telecom operators’ technology requirements, they will design, construct, and maintain infrastructure so you can enjoy robust and fast internet and communications. Below are the services they usually offer:

  • Telecommunication Infra Construction and Maintenance Management
  • Modification Installation
  • Line, Antenna, and Microwave
  • RF Test and Measurement

Though construction works bring inconvenience to traffic because of roadblocks, safety hazards, and construction noises to our area. These development are indications of economic development and growth. 

Nowadays, we enjoy clean water, fast internet connection, and electricity to our homes because of service professionals and engineering firms dedicated to improving our daily life.

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